Mindset & Wellness for Creative Thinkers


I help creative thinkers expand into daring.

Writers, visual artists, fashion people and creative thinkers of every stripe develop perspective, an invaluable ability to reframe their approach to their work, while learning techniques to enhance creative flow over the longterm.


We articulate clear goals and craft a crystalline path forward, including the immediate next steps that keep momentum rolling.

It can all feel pretty exhilarating.

Research says “highly creative” people make up around 10 - 20% of the population. They’re recognized by their inventive output and hyper-porous sensory systems. They simply absorbs more data. Actually, they can’t keep it out. (Think Proust hiding away in his cork-lined room.) Creativity feels good when this exchange is calibrated just right.

Through facilitating subtle mindset shifts we untangle whatever assumptions, habits and old stories can get in the way.


Optimizing flow state physiology, through mindset work, using somatic practices and dialing in an essential wellness routine, we work with the neurological system to increase stability and a capacity for expansion, inspiration and ease.


A celebrated fashion show producer actively slows her pace to investigate what matters most, expanding into her art practice and pivoting towards a new career...


An accomplished screenwriter shakes writers' block, overhauling her approach to her work using mindset tools and somatic practices...


A novelist embarks on a challenging manuscript, rebuilding her creative process and shedding destructive work patterns of previous decades...


A visual artist plumbs  somatic experience to explore new themes in her work, while re-balancing nutritional and hormonal health, and redefining her relationship with her body.


“There was a scary story that I needed to tell, but felt inherently that I wouldn't be able to tackle it on my own. I was facing a lot of fear…My love of television writing, and writing itself, was getting mired in my bad attitude and cruel thought loops."

Working with Jessica…”was a very smart investment in my future as a writer….”

"Paying attention to my body throughout the process was huge. Learning to be gentle on myself due to the subject matter..."

"I've learned to 'stay above the fray' when it comes to thinking about my agent and manager not working hard enough for me. I've learned that the important thing is for me to stay in alignment with myself, keep my head down, and WRITE…”

Our work provided “the emotional and tactical support necessary to tackle projects big and small.”


Especially recommended for: ”People who are tackling BIG EMOTIONAL projects or are feeling emotional about work...This was a game changer for me and how I approach everything.”

—Robin, Los Angeles

“I was emerging from a serious illness and a highly stressful year of work, and wanted to take better care of myself physically, emotionally, creatively and spiritually….I also have a history of intense perfectionism and burning myself out, so I wanted to be sure to rebuild my life in a way that was gentle, nourishing and sustainable."

"I worked with a life coach several years ago, and we instituted a very rigid program, which yielded results in the short term, but ultimately left me feeling depleted and unsatisfied….Jessica's patient, playful, gimlet-eyed compassion was the real revelation for me. I felt her care in a way that I've ended up modeling for myself, and this has been truly transformative."

"I'm kinder to myself when I work now. I'm more aware of my body, and more attuned to the valuable messages my body sends me. I also feel safer and more confident about bringing my full self (and my honest thoughts) to the workplace. So far, this has yielded wonderful results.”


Especially recommended for: “Anyone who wants to create a healthier and more joyful creative practice with a woman who possesses a wealth of cutting-edge scientific information, a deep understanding of Eastern spiritual traditions, and a dazzling cabinet of alternative therapies that range from somatic experiencing to weird Chinese acupressure points that magically release stress in the body and help you get ‘unstuck.’”


“…Our time together reminded me to connect to Spirit to ground myself; that I could call upon those resources as an anchor, and that simple energetic practices could make the difference. I appreciated how you could return our conversation to the bigger picture, or the through-line, always elevating and pushing forward gently…."


I have carried away from our time together a little ember of self-knowing, a reminder that my essence endures, even if it flickers. You reflected that to me.”

—Katharine M.



Jessica Kerwin Jenkins is a writer, author and coach for creatives.

I am a certified wellness coach.

I'm also the author of Encyclopedia of the Exquisite,  and worked for many years as journalist and editor in New York, Los Angeles and Paris (Vogue, W, New York Times, Women's Wear Daily). Unfortunately, I picked up some bad habits along the way, pushing my body towards breakdown. There was no room for creativity or innovation, only grind.


I left my post as the European Editor of W in Paris and ran away to India to pursue my love of meditation. Though I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation at 6 years-old, I rediscovered this love as an adult and have studied Eastern techniques in the Vipassana tradition for more than 15 years.

Some of the traditions and systems that inform my work include: transformational coaching, flow state management, positive psychology, somatic nutrition, somatic trauma work, breathwork, Vipassana meditation, yoga, 5 Rhythms, which I have practiced for more than a decade, Tantric Shakta embodiment practices (Kashmir Shaivism) and the philosophies of Five Elements Chinese medicine. 

Teachers and mentors who have influenced my work include Lorie Eve Dechar, Michaela Boehm, Jaya Ashmore, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Gabrielle Roth, Luis Mojica, Daniel Foor, Ajay Singh and David Deida.

My husband and I raised our family in the wilds of Maine and are now based in the tiny city of Portland. My clients are based all over the world.

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Organizations I've worked with on wellness content, workshops & projects include...